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  • 20 Technical Indicators that You Should Consider in your Trading

    20 Technical Indicators that You Should Consider in your Trading

    Technical indicators are technical tools that help in analyzing the movement in the stock prices whether the ongoing trend is going to continue or reverse. It helps the traders to make entry and exit decisions of a particular stock. 1. Moving Averages: Moving Averages are lagging technical indicators which are used to identify the ongoing trend. The most popular moving average periods are 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 moving averages. Moving Average can be Simple Moving Average (SMA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), and Weighted Moving Average (WMA). When the prices move above the Moving Average then the ongoing trend

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  • What is a trading strategy?

    What is a trading strategy?

    A trading strategy is an action plan for all your trades in the financial markets. It is important for every trader, from the novice to the most experienced to have one. If you do not use a trading strategy, you will certainly lose all your capital. Contrary to what many novice traders may think, trading leaves no room for improvisation, it must be structured. A trading strategy is a course of action that you must strive to follow. It therefore requires rigor and discipline. Forget trading by feelings! What is the purpose of a trading strategy? A trading strategy gives

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  • Introduction to Day Trading

    Introduction to Day Trading

    Day trading is one of the most popular types of financial markets trading strategy around.  Although many advanced traders use day trading strategies, most beginners can easily master various day trading strategies, too. Read on for more information about what day trading is, day trading for beginners and how to get started. What is Day Trading? Simply put, “day trading” is a phrase used to describe any trading strategy that does not involve taking overnight positions. Day traders make sure that all of their transactions are opened and closed within the same trading session or day. The primary advantage of

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  • Forex Trading: Explanation for Beginners

    Forex Trading: Explanation for Beginners

    FOREX TRADING: WHAT IS FOREX? Forex trading is a term used to describe individuals that are engaged in the active exchange of foreign currencies, often for the purpose of financial benefit or gain. That can take on the form of speculators, who are looking to buy or sell a currency with the goal of profiting from the currency’s price movement; or it can be a hedger that’s looking to protect their accounts in the event of an adverse move against their own currency positions. The term ‘forex trader’ may describe an individual trader on a retail platform, a bank trader

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