CMC Markets Broker Review

CMC Markets Broker Review
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Commissions and fees
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💳 Minimum Deposit ($)0
💰 Payment MethodsCredit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal
📚 Assets OfferedCFDs on stocks, ETFs, currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices and bonds
📘 Currency Pairs330+
💸 Cryptos18 (Not available in the U.K)
💪 Retail LeverageUp to 1:30
💪 Pro LeverageUp to 1:500
🎓 Demo AccountYes
💰 CommissionsageYes and they vary per share exchange location. For U.S shares, there is a minimum $10 in-and-out commission. 

About CMC Markets

CMC Markets is headquartered in London and also has other offices in: Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain and Sweden.

They were founded in 1989 and currently they’re a publicly trade company on the LSE (London Stock Exchange). This means that they have shares that investors can purchase and they’re constantly on the spotlight of the world having the need to present investor reports and disclose their profits along with other key business data on a quarterly basis.

CMC Markets is not just a regular CFD Broker, they provide all sorts of services such as liquidity for other Brokers and Institutions, meaning that other brokers route their orders to them for execution.

CMC Markets Web Trading Platform Review

CMC Markets trading platform is definitely one of my favourite platforms out there to trade CFDs. You can tell that the platform was built with people who traded professionally in mind. Let’s go over the most relevant details you need to know.

CMC Markets allows you to configure the platform however you want. They have a couple templates for you to use but you can skip those and open a blank canvas where you’ll be able to design and fit your required tools.

The image above is an example of a view I built to trade with:

  • Dual chart layout
  • Pending orders, Open positions and Trading History
  • Reuters News

That’s right, you get Reuters news in any real account with CMC Markets and it’s free. If you don’t know, Reuters has this simple format where news will be delivered quickly in just a few lines and opening the news will also open a small block of text with the most relevant info.  It’s all built for speed and finding things out quickly. 

In this big menu on top of the platform, you can create views, search for products, create custom watchlists, access research tools and much more. A good example of using these tools would be:

  • Creating a view exclusively to trade forex with 4 charts and Economic Calendar included
  • Creating custom watchlists with currency pairs
  • Creating another view for trading Indices where you monitor the Spot index price and 2 different futures based on the index and the VIX as your hedge.
  • Creating a watchlist to analyse different groups of stocks with high relevance to the index and monitor if they’re out of sync with current index behaviour

See where I’m going with this? The platform lets you trade professionally, analyse, create views that suit your needs and operate efficiently.

CMC Markets Available Assets to Trade

The first thought that comes to our minds is:

  • Too many and that is a good thing.

Literally, too many. You can request market data for pretty much anything you can think off and go very specific on what you want to trade, here’s an example:

I like trading indices such as the S&P500. Most CFD Market Makers out there just give you a single option with the index name.

CMC Market gives you the option to trade the spot index and several future contracts, so you can find several variants to access the underlying asset in question in the form of a CFD.

Now, the asset categories available are:

  • Indices
  • Currencies
  • Forex Indices
  • Commodities
  • Shares
  • Share Baskets
  • ETFs
  • Cryptos
  • Treasuries

Sadly they don’t provide CFDs on options, but well, perfection is hard to achieve. Hopefully they add it in the near future.

CMC Markets Fees and Commissions

The first thought that comes to our minds is:

  • Great for some things, too expensive for others.

CMC Markets makes money through the spread offered in some particular assets like currencies, commodities, futures, etc.

On shares is where they are really expensive compared to other brokers.

For example: Commissions to trade AAPL shares are at $0.02 per CFD with a $10 minimum.

So if you bought 10 AAPL shares and sold them, you just spent $20.

The extremely pricey commissions can be overlooked if you’re a high volume CFD trader looking for the best execution possible but when you trade small then CMC is too expensive to trade shares for you.

CMC Markets Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal

CMC Markets has no minimum deposit and withdrawal limits.

They allow you to deposit and withdraw using any of the 3 following methods:

  • Paypal
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfers

They process transactions instantly and I may add that for PayPal withdrawals they also operate in the matter of seconds when depositing or withdrawing.


Here’s my opinion on who CMC Markets is for:

  • If you’re a professional or experienced trader with a good amount of funds interested in CFDs on all assets, this platform is right for you
  • If you’re an experienced trader with low trading capital and you’re not into share CFDs, this platform is right for you
  • If you’re new to trading and want to practise what its like to use a more professional platform, they have a lifelong free demo, so it’s right for you after you’ve mastered a more simple one
  • If you’re new to trading and have no clue about assets, correlations and order types then we do not recommend you to use this platform, leave it for later when you’re playing on the major leagues
  • If you’re low on funds and regardless of your experience level you want to trade shares, then it’s not the right platform for you
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