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We know better than anyone how difficult it is for beginner traders. That’s why we share our experience here, so that you can always have good profits.

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We are here to help beginners to find the necessary basic information, choose a broker, and for experienced traders to improve their knowledge.

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Thanks to the knowledge we have gained over 10 years of work we are ready to show the real side of trading – only the necessary and useful information.

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Articles about trading

Only useful information for traders of any level. Here we talk about basic concepts, strategies, indicators. Also, we are always on the lookout for good brokers, so we share the best brokers with you. No advertising, just an honest review from our team.

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On this site we have built a guide for our readers. Choose the information you need, explore the world of trading, learn to trade, and earn with us. All you have to do is open the block you want and take the first step in your new training.

Broker reviews

As sad as it may be, there are a lot of unscrupulous brokers on the market. And it is the newbies who are their target. On our page you can find honest broker reviews. Be confident in your broker and earnings thanks to us!


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Tips from successful traders

You should not risk more than you can afford to lose, but at the same time, enough for the gain to be significant.

Edward Seykota

When most people say they want to become a millionaire, what they really mean is “I want to spend a million,” which literally means just the opposite.

Morgan Housel

Others are ashamed of mistakes, but for me the awareness of my own mistakes is a source of pride. Once we realize that imperfect understanding is one of the characteristics of human nature, we will realize that it is a shame not to be wrong, a shame not to be able to correct our own mistakes.

George Soros

Try to grasp one very important point: new knowledge about market behavior is acquired gradually, as you rely more and more on yourself.

Mark Douglas

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  • Trade It Green Broker Review

    Trade It Green Broker Review

    Trade It Green is a modern broker founded in 2016. It has two goals: to make its clients prosperous and keep the environment safe. TIG combines these aims into stable income projects that guarantee regular benefits. Besides, TIG offers trading with: crypto, indices, currency pairs, and commodities. 💳 Minimum Deposit $250 💰 Payment Methods Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer 📚 Assets Offered Investment services, financial products, stock trading, as well as Forex and CFD trading on indices, metals, energy, and stocks 💶 Special Features Stable Income Green Energy Projects 📘 Currency Pairs 50+ 💸 Cryptos 25+ 💪🏻 Retail Leverage

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  • 10 practical tips that will improve your day trading strategy

    10 practical tips that will improve your day trading strategy

    Day trading (also known as intraday trading or short-term trading) is one of the most misunderstood trading techniques. The fast pace of moving investment positions within a single trading day generates a perception that day trading is riskier or more volatile than other types of trading. Let’s put this to the test with an overview of some helpful strategic trading tips trading strategies for beginners and the experienced alike, as well as by discussing how day trading really works. These day trading tips could help traders of all experience levels develop daily trading strategies for their portfolios. Find favorable entry

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  • 5 Trading Strategies for Beginners that You Should Try

    5 Trading Strategies for Beginners that You Should Try

    Options are among the most popular vehicles for traders, because their price can move fast, making (or losing) a lot of money quickly. Options strategies can range from quite simple to very complex, with a variety of payoffs and sometimes odd names. (Iron condor, anyone?) Regardless of their complexity, all options strategies are based on the two basic types of options: the call and the put. Below are five popular strategies, a breakdown of their reward and risk and when a trader might leverage them for their next investment. While these strategies are fairly straightforward, they can make a trader

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